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Orbit Reader 20

Cheep, robust and simpel Braille notetaker with a simple navigation.
Very clear Braille display, which is great for people who are new to Braille, or for people who have decreased feeling in their fingers.
Functions: Write and read documents and e-books from SD card. Use Orbit Reader as an external Braille display to a mobile phone and computer.

22 12 21 01 - Portable note-taking devices for Braille

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Orbit Reader 20

Read and write notes from a SD card
Build in file explore where you can create folders, documents, move, copy and delete documents.
Use Orbit Reader as a Braille display via Bluetooth or USB
Can be pared to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. For example a Mobilephone and a tablet.


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Weight 450 g 
Number of cells 20 celler