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Circadian Lighting with Therapy and Boost Function

Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting is custom-designed for the healthcare sector, with input from a broad co-operation of users and researchers in the field. In co-operation with users, circadian- and sleep specialists we have developed a concept that stabilizes the human biological clock.

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Ergonomic Circadian Lighting

Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting use all the colours in the colour spectrum by combining RGBWW LED diodes (Red, Green, Blue, warm White, cold White and Amber). We are specialised in circadian- and kelvin change lighting solutions. Kelvin change from 1800K - 6500K. Circadian Stimulus faktor (CS) nighttime 0,1 and daytime 0,6


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Anti-dazzle Yes  
Sensor control possible Yes  
Heat neutral Yes  
Adjustable colourtemperature Yes  
Colour rendering, integrated bulp 95 Ra 
Lumen, integrated bulp 10000 Lm