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Makes it possible for a helper to support a person with special needs, even when the helper is not nearby.

App turns any tablet into a clock with adjustable time settings. Send text, pictures and voice messages to the clock from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Install the app on two devices. One device is the Sender, the other is the Receiver.

22 27 15 01 - Calendar and timetable software

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MemoClock Premium

With MemoClock premium, you get these features:
Set messages to be shown at a later time or repeated
Send pictures
Send voice messages
Connect more than just one receiver tabletMemoClock Basic is free.

Why not try our Basic version for free? With MemoClock Basic you get access to all clock settings. You are also able to send messages.


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Administration account Yes  
Platform, computer Yes  
Platform, tablet Yes  
Platform, smartphone Yes  
Alarm or reminder functions Yes  
Can be used on Android operating system Yes  
Can be used on iOS/OS X operating system Yes  
Can be used on Windows operating system No