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Himolla Fur recliner chair, for 200 kg

18 09 15 06 - Easy chairs with electrical adjustments

The product series contains 2 products.

Specifications summarized

Specifications for the 2 products in the product series. Click a HMI-no. to see all details for a single product.

Product 1 - 2
Number of wheels with brake22
Arm supports, height adjustableNoNo
Arm support position may be changed to facililtate transferNoNo
Adjustable head support sectionYesYes
Rocking functionNoNo
Elevating legrest, mechanically operatedNoNo
Elevating legrest, electrically operatedYesYes
Elevating legrest dissociated from tilt and heightYesYes
Reclining back rest, mechanically operatedNoNo
Reclining back rest, electrically operatedYesYes
Reclining back rest dissociated from tilt and heightYesYes
Tilt of whole seat unit, mechanically operatedNoNo
Tilt of whole seat unit, electrically operatedNoNo
Tilt of whole seat unit dissociated from heightNoNo
Height adjustment, electricalNoNo
Inclined position of seat when height adjustedYesYes
User weight, max (kg)160200
Total width (cm)8189
Total length (cm) info
Measured in worst case position in relation to length
Seat width (cm)5189
Seat depth (cm)5252
Distance between arm supports (cm)5159
Back rest height (cm) info
Including head support
Back rest recline, max (°) info
Recline of back rest from an upright position.
Tilt-in-space back (°) info
Measured from the horizontal position.