Bed Backrest

Bed Backrest
Soft Fabric Backrest allows the user to sit up comfortably in bed. Can be used as a: Simple back support. Pillow raiser
Adjustable back rest with 4 differandt angles. Fold down frame for easier storage en transport. Supplied with soft adjustable pillow with Velcro fastening. Easy clean.

Supplier Keana ApS
9530 Støvring

Classification 18 12 24 - 05
Separate back supports for beds

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Bed Backrest

HMI-no. 88359 
Article-no. LA002 
Registration date 07-09-2015 
Last updated 16-10-2019 

Length 64.5cm 
Width 46cm 
Electrical adjustment No 
Load, max 100kg 

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