Swings and hammocks

Including sensory swings, wheelchair swings, swings for lying down etc.


Products for children must comply with the specific demands for safety as stated in certain standards. It is the supplier of the product who has stated that the product is intended for children. The National Board of Social Services holds no responsibility in relation to this assessment.
All product information is provided by the supplier. The National Board of Social Services is not responsible for either contents, origin, flaws and deficiencies, or any kind of damage that may occur from the use of the information. The National Board of Social Services has no authority to endorse products and does not assess the quality of the products. Hide this message.

Original sensory swing

This stylish swing is a regular feature in Danish households, for use both in and outdoors. It can be used by your child from day one all the way into adulthood (although not for those that weigh more than 150kg). Its load bearing ability enables parents to accompany their children on the swing as well should they wish.

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Sensory swing

Sensory swing measuring 100cm in diameter and approximately 170cm in length, the sensory swing can be hung from either a single mounting point for full 360c swinging range, or from 2 mounting points to replicate the movement of a conventional swing.

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Full Support Swing Seat

This high-backed swing seat incorporates a pommel and a safety harness with snap buckles. The UV-stabilized ropes have convenient hardware to help adjust the seat both in terms of height and incline, plus are long enough for 10 ft. H frames. UV-resistant seat is molded from high-density polyethylene, a strong but soft plastic.

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The Traumschwinger is a unique hanging furniture, that is fixed at one point in the ceiling. It freely swings in all directions and sways on its own axis.
This gives a total vestibular stimulation and a gentle swing for the body, mind and balance.

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