Batteries and battery chargers for wheelchairs

Devices to supply electric power to a wheelchair.


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Lithium Batteries JKM24LINMC

Basically, we offer a number of standard solutions, consisting of batteries and chargers for the Rehab market, where battery economy and service are significant parameters in the budget of an electrical powered devices.
We also offer customized solutions of battery packs and power electronics of any kind.
Standard Batteries:

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Battery chargers CCC406S - CCC408S - CCC410S

J.K. Medicos New Rehab CCC406S chargers are designed specifically for electric wheelchairs and scooters. Emphasis is placed on safety, reliability and functionality. Medico approved EN60601 ed.3.1 the patented charging method significantly increases battery life, providing the best battery economy in the market. The best reputation on the market.

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Lader 24 volts 8 Amp

Støjsvag Batteri oplader til el scooter og kørestole. Denne oplader er meget velegnet til indendørs brug, fordi den ikke laver støj mens den lader.

Lader med 24 Volts og 8 Ah

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8ah Lader til Apollo 915 og 928

8 ah lader som passer til Apollo modeller 915 og 928

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Lader 24 Volt 8Ah

Elektronisk impulslader 24Volt 8Ah.

original oplader til GO-EL 950

Passer også til Lindebjerg LM 650 & LM700

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Lader 24 Volt 2 A til el-scooter

Oplader 24Volt 2A.
Kun egnet for AGM og GEL batterier

Mærke PowerFirst Model nr. PF2402SL

med trebenet stik for El scooter

Når lampen lyser konstant Rød lader opladeren

Når lampen lyser konstant Grøn er batterierne fuldt opladet.

Passer til GO-EL 180 og Lindebjerg LM 150

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Batteri oplader til Mini Crosser

Hp Lader 24Volt 5A.
Model nr. HP 8204B-M special model tilpasset mini crosser
Laderen er en special model
Passer til mini crosser:
R modellen
115 s
125 s
130 s
140 s

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