Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.
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Torso Support

Torso Support is designed for people who need extra support because of the torso instability. At the same time it is also intended for all who need and desire for more comfort when sitting in a shower / commode chair.

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4-sectioned ergonomic mattress support platform in compact laminate. Individual adjustment of height, back, upper leg and lower leg section. Linak Jumbo battery function with display (incl. battery). Collapsible side rails fixed in position (slides beneath the mattress support platform). Removable tubular boards. Mechanical trendelenburg etc.

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Carelock ACE Gate

The mobile phone can replace traditional key management in the home care. The staff uses the mobile phone to unlock the doors. Simple and safe. Carelock ACE Gate is used when a citizens lives in abuilding with several flats and with af lock in the main entrance.

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Carelock ACE

Welcome to a world without keys. The key is replaced by a mobile phone. Traditional key management within the home care takes a lot of time, and can create big problems for the residents and staff if the keys disappear. With Carelock system the staff uses a mobile phone to unlock the doors. Simple and safe.

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KR Foam mattress, 60 cm (cot, childrens bed)

Mattress in flame retardant cold foam (60x120x10 cm). Surface in 3 cm soft memory foam and 7 cm HR30 foam. 2-coloured elastic and breathable incontinence cover with zipper on 3 sides. Wash: Max. 95 degrees. Dryer: Max. 130 degrees.

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