Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.
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MIA mounting plates to MIA-toilet armrests

MIA-mounting plates to MIA-toilet armrests
Aluminium plates coated with Rilsan.
Available in standard or individual dimensions.

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Side rail cover for OPUS 5 (care bed and hospital bed)

Soft Side Rail cover in white nappa with 8 mm foam lining. Easily placed over the top tube on the Side Rail and closed with velcro. Washable with soft soap.Used for greater comfort and safety, particularly when users are psysically challenging.

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EasyWave Serie

EasyWave is an accessory for the EasyAir cushion.
With EasyWave, the EasyAir cushion can be set with oscillation or static pressure in the individual chambers. Everything is controlled by a minicomputer based on pressure measurement, posture analysis or other assessments.

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Comfort Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion consists of 8 different types of foam. decudan (cut) foam in the seating area with abduction and thigh support. Seat Comfort Cushion width 60 and up XXL/60. We can produce them in all sizes. Adjustable for children.

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