Assistive products for activities and participation relating to personal mobility and transportation

Products intended to support or replace a persons capacity to move indoors and outdoors or to transfer from one place to another.
12 03

Assistive products for walking, manipulated by one arm

(260 product series)
Walking sticks, elbow crutches, forearm crutches, multi-tip walking sticks, walking sticks with seat.

12 06

Assistive products for walking, manipulated by both arms

(343 product series)
E.g. walking frames, rollators, walking tables.

12 07

Accessories for assistive products for walking

(158 product series)
E.g. tips (ferrules), padding, baskets, walking stick holders.

12 08

Guide canes and symbol canes for orientation

(155 product series)
E.g. guide canes, symbol canes, tips for tactile canes.

12 12

Vehicle accessories and vehicle adaptations

(93 product series)
E.g. assisting brakes, steering-wheel knobs, alternative steering, operation switches, motor and cabin heaters, seat belts, seats, hoists, fastening systems, wheelchair racks and trailers, swiveling cushions.

12 16

Mopeds and motorcycles

(20 product series)
E.g. three-wheeled mopeds and motorcycles.

12 17

Diverse motorized vehicles

(7 product series)
E.g. stair-climbing transporters, stand-on mobility devices.

12 18


(197 product series)
E.g. two-, three-, and fourwheeled cycles, hand- or footpropelled, carrier cycles, tandems, twin cycles, with or without power assist, saddles and seats, baskets, pedals and foot supports.

12 22

Manual wheelchairs

(353 product series)
E.g. handrim-drive wheelchairs, push wheelchairs.

12 23

Powered wheelchairs

(283 product series)
E.g. powered scooters, powered wheelchairs with joystick, assistent controlled powered wheelchairs.

12 24

Wheelchair accessories

(300 product series)
E.g. alternative steering systems, propulsion units, half-handbikes, wheels and tyres, batteries, tarps, stair climbers, walking stick holders, baskets and bags, rollator racks, oxygen cylinder holders.

12 25

Accessories for wheelchair seating

(235 product series)
E.g. back supports, arm supports, head supports, leg supports trunk supports for wheelchairs and lap trays for wheelchairs.

12 27

Diverse human powered vehicles

(58 product series)
E.g. transportation chairs, buggies, sledges, crawlers, mobility boards,wheeled stretchers, pedal cars, mobile standing frames.

12 31

Assistive products for changing body position

(431 product series)
E.g. sliding and turning aids, turntables, lifting poles, grip ladders, lifting belts, carrying chairs, transfer platforms, lifting mattresses.

12 36

Assistive products for lifting persons

(363 product series)
E.g. mobile hoists for sitting, mobile hoists for standing, stationary hoists, slings.