Assistive products for personal mobility and transportation

Products intended to support or replace a persons capacity to move indoors and outdoors or to transfer from one place to another.
12 03

Assistive products for walking, manipulated by one arm

(251 product series)
Devices supporting the user when walking, used singly or in pairs, each manipulated by one of the arms or hands.

12 06

Assistive products for walking, manipulated by both arms

(313 product series)
Devices supporting the user when walking, manipulated by either both arms or the upper body.

12 07

Accessories for assistive products for walking

(181 product series)
Devices designed for use with assistive products for walking with a specific purpose.

12 12

Vehicle accessories and vehicle adaptations

(125 product series)
Accessories to or modifications made to vehicles that enable the vehicle to be operated by persons with disability or permit those persons to enter, exit or ride in the vehicle safely.

12 16

Mopeds and motorcycles

(25 product series)
E.g. mopeds and motorcycles with 3 or more wheels, special means of operation or comfort.

12 17

Diverse motorized vehicles

(8 product series)
E.g. stand-on mobility devices, snowmobiles, snow scooters, all-terrain vehicles, go-carts.

12 18


(244 product series)
Included are, e.g. power-assisted cycles.

12 22

Manual wheelchairs

(327 product series)
Wheelchairs operated by an occupant or an assistant.

12 23

Powered wheelchairs

(275 product series)
Included are, e.g., powered scooters and powered wheelchairs with stand-up function, and wheelchair underframes.

12 24

Wheelchair accessories

(298 product series)
Devices related to the use of or mounted on wheelchairs.

12 27

Diverse human powered vehicles

(51 product series)
Transportation chairs, buggies, sledges, crawlers, mobility boards,wheeled stretchers, pedal cars etc.

12 31

Assistive products for changing body position.

(421 product series)
Assistive products for assisting change of position.

12 36

Assistive products for lifting persons

(382 product series)
Equipment for transferring by lifting and (re)positioning a person to enable an intended activity.

12 39

Assistive products for orientation

(159 product series)
Devices for navigation, guidance, identification or recognizing the surrounding environment.