Manual wheelchairs

Devices providing wheeled mobility with a seating support system for a person with limitation in mobility and that rely on an occupant or an assistant to provide power for the operation. Included are, e.g. stand-up manual wheelchairs (wheelchairs that enable a person to raise and maintain a standing position), reclining manual wheelchairs, snow wheelchairs, beach wheelchairs, wheelchairs for use in a pool, wheelchair frames. Commode wheelchairs, see 09 12 03. Shower chairs with and without wheels, see 09 33 07. Transportation chairs, see 12 27 04. Modular seating systems, see 18 09 39.
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Bimanual handrim-drive wheelchairs

(247 product series)
Wheelchairs designed to be propelled and steered by the occupant, by pushing with both hands, on the wheels or on the handrims of the wheels.

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Push wheelchairs

(107 product series)
Manual wheelchairs intended to be pushed and steered by an assistant, by pushing with both hands on the push handles of the wheelchair.