Assistive products for increasing, decreasing or stabilizing body functions. Assistive products for sexual activities, see 09 54. Functional neuromuscular stimulators, see 06 15 00.
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Stimulators for pain relief

(21 product series)
Equipment that changes the nerve sensitivity and, therefore, reduces the sensation of physical pain.

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Muscle stimulators not used as orthoses

(44 product series)
Equipment for stimulating a muscle or a particular area of a muscle causing it to contract or relax.

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(25 product series)
Devices made to oscillate rapidly that are used in vibratory massage for therapeutic purposes Included are relaxation massage devices and vibrators for loosening mucus in the lungs (percussors).

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Sound stimulators

(30 product series)
Devices to mask the auditory perception of noise produced from within the ear or from external sources.

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Other stimulators

(10 product series)
Assistive products for stimulating neurological and biochemical functions in the body