Urine diverters

Devices for draining away urine.
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Intermittent catheters inserted through the urethra

(1 product series)
Disposable tubular devices inserted into the urethra to provide single drainage and flushing of the bladder.

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Penile sheaths

(3 product series)
Soft sheaths that fit over the penis, through which urine is drained through outlet tube that can be connected to urine collection bags.

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Urine chutes

(1 product series)
Devices to direct urine from the body into, e.g. a toilet; can be used when standing.

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Assistive products for self-catheterization

(1 product series)
Included are, e.g. mirrors, labial spreaders, knee-spreading devices, ergo-hand insertion aids, cath-hand and penis support.