Vehicle accessories and vehicle adaptations

Products that can be added to vehicles or modifications made to vehicles that enable the vehicle to be operated by persons with disability or permit those persons to enter, exit or ride in the vehicle safely. Car trailers, see 24 36 18. Assistive products for camping and caravanning, see 30 27.
12 12 04

Vehicle accessories and vehicle adaptations to control speed

(1 product series)
Products and modifications that can be added to a motor vehicle that assist the operator to vary the speed of the vehicle.

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Seat belts and harnesses for motor vehicles

(2 product series)
Devices for restraining a person in a vehicle to enhance safety during travel.

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Seats and cushions for motor vehicles and accessories and adaptations relating to seating in vehicles

(53 product series)
Devices designed either to enable a person to get into or out of a seat in a motor vehicle, or for supporting a person who is seated during travel.

12 12 15

Hoists to transfer person into or out of vehicles without wheelchair

(1 product series)
Equipment installed in a vehicle for lifting a person into or out of a vehicle.

12 12 21

Assistive products for loading unoccupied wheelchairs onto or into vehicles

(2 product series)
Devices for lifting and positioning an unoccupied wheelchair onto or inside a vehicle.

12 12 24

Assistive products for fastening wheelchairs in vehicles

(2 product series)
E.g. manual wheelchair tie-downs and electric wheelchair dockings.

12 12 27

Vehicle chassis and body adaptations

(2 product series)
Modifications to a vehicle's chassis, frame or other systems to increase its accessibility, usability or comfort for an operator or a passenger with a disability.

12 12 30

Products to carry unoccupied wheelchairs on vehicles or trailers to carry wheelchairs behind vehicles

(1 product series)
Racks, frames or trailers that can be mounted on a vehicle to transport unoccupied wheelchairs.

12 12 81

Devices to facilitate getting in and out of a vehicle

(32 product series)
Devices, e.g. swiveling cushions and extra grips, making it easier to get into or out of a vehicle.