Included are, e.g. power-assisted cycles.
12 18 04

Foot-propelled bicycles

(21 product series)
Pedal-propelled, two-wheeled cycles for one person.

12 18 06

Foot-propelled tricycles and quadricycles

(117 product series)
Cycles with three or more wheels for one person, pedal propelled.

12 18 09

Hand-propelled tricycles and quadricycles

(7 product series)
Hand-propelled cycles with three or four wheels.

12 18 12

Unpowered scooters propelled by pushing with one foot

(2 product series)
Devices consisting of a footboard with wheels and a steering handle, foot-propelled.

12 18 15

Tandems, tricycles and four-wheeled cycles for two or more persons

(59 product series)
Devices with two or more seats to allow riding for more than one person, pedal-propelled.

12 18 21

Cycle adaptations

(30 product series)
Additions or changes made to cycles to facilitate their operation. Included are, e.g. additional motors, trainer wheels.

12 18 81

Accessories for cycles

(8 product series)
Accessories to be used in combination with cycles.