Powered wheelchairs

Devices with powered propulsion, intended to provide wheeled mobility with a seating support system for a person with limitation in mobility; the motor power is derived from an integral source of electric or combustion power. Included are, e.g. stand-up powered wheelchairs (wheelchairs that are capable of raising and maintaining a person in a standing position), reclining powered wheelchairs, wheelchairs with elevating or tilt-in-space seats, snow wheelchairs, beach wheelchairs, wheelchair underframes.
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Electrically powered wheelchairs with manual direct steering

(161 product series)
Wheelchairs powered by electricity, mechanical steering of the pivot drive wheel(s). Included are scooters.

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Electrically powered wheelchairs with electronic steering

(114 product series)
Electrically powered wheelchairs activated with an electronic controller by the occupant.

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Assistant-controlled electrically powered wheelchairs

(6 product series)
Electrically powered wheelchairs manoeuvred by an assistant with an electronic controller.