Wheelchair accessories

Devices related to the use of or mounted on wheelchairs. Modular seating systems, see 18 09 39. Accessories for sitting furniture, se 18 10.
12 24 03

Steering and control systems for wheelchairs

(17 product series)
Devices for controlling a wheelchair's movements and its direction of travel.

12 24 09

Propulsion units for manual wheelchairs

(85 product series)
Devices that are added to a manual wheelchair to facilitate propelling and maneuvering.

12 24 11


(6 product series)
Devices added to a manual wheelchair to transform it into a handbike, hand-propelled.

12 24 18

Running or parking brakes for wheelchairs

(2 product series)
Devices for slowing down or stopping a wheelchair or holding it in a fixed position.

12 24 21

Tyres, wheels and castors for wheelchairs

(10 product series)
Included are, e.g. snow runners, hub caps.

12 24 24

Batteries and battery chargers for wheelchairs

(28 product series)
Devices to supply electric power to a wheelchair.

12 24 28

Devices for cleaning wheelchairs or any part of wheelchairs

(1 product series)
Wheelchair cleaning systems and brushes for wheelchair tires etc.

12 24 34

Devices to protect wheelchairs and their occupants from sunlight or precipitation

(31 product series)
Sheds, seat covers, wind shields, umbrellas and canopies for wheelchairs.

12 24 39

Devices to which a wheelchair is attached that facilitate movement up and down stairs

(10 product series)
Carts and other types of vehicles, manually or electrically powered, to which a wheelchair can be securely fastened that allow the wheelchair, while occupied, to safely climb and descend stairs.

12 24 42

Devices attached to wheelchairs to hold or carry objects

(81 product series)
Products that are fixed to a wheelchair to carry objects, e.g. pouches, baskets and cases, cane and crutch holders and walker carriers etc.

12 24 89

Other accessories for wheelchairs

(21 product series)
E.g. electric meters and measurers, anti tips.