Accessories for wheelchair seating

Accessories for providing support for the sitting position in wheelchairs. Included are, e.g. lap trays for attaching to the wheelchair. Accessories for sitting furniture, see 18 10.
12 25 03

Back supports for wheelchairs

(34 product series)
Accessories that are interchangeable with the original back support of the wheelchair.

12 25 06

Seat cushions and underlays

(3 product series)
Cushions and other devices that are placed on a seat to correct and maintain a stable sitting position.

12 25 09

Arm supports for wheelchairs

(54 product series)
E.g. arm support replacements, hand and elbow supports, and padding.

12 25 12

Head supports and neck supports for wheelchairs

(69 product series)
Supports for stabilizing a person’s head while seated in a wheelchair.

12 25 15

Leg supports and foot supports for wheelchairs

(32 product series)
Included are, e.g. leg supports, foot supports, footplates, stump supports that are attached to a wheelchair, abductors, adductors, knee separators.

12 25 18

Trunk supports and pelvic supports for wheelchairs

(14 product series)
Devices that are attached to or incorporated into a wheelchair to provide support to, or to stabilize, a person’s shoulders, torso, hips or pelvic region when sitting.

12 25 24

Lap trays for wheelchairs

(29 product series)
Products that can be attached to a wheelchair or placed on the lap of a sitting person that provide a flat surface that may stabilize the sitting position and on which activities can be carried out or objects can be placed.