Diverse human powered vehicles

Transportation chairs, buggies, sledges, crawlers, mobility boards,wheeled stretchers, pedal cars etc. Cycles, see 12 18. Manual wheelchairs, see 12 22.
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Transportation chairs

(2 product series)
Devices for short distance transportation of a person in a sitting position, manoeuvred and controlled by an assistant.

12 27 07

Prams and buggies

(38 product series)
Wheeled devices for carrying one or more person(s) in a lying or sitting position, designed to be manoeuvred and controlled by an assistant.

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(2 product series)
Devices for conveying a person over ice and snow, mounted on runners with or without wheels.

12 27 15

Crawlers and mobility boards

(4 product series)
Wheeled devices on which a person lies or sits and moves by pushing on the floor with the arms or legs.

12 27 20

Wheeled stretchers

(5 product series)
Manually propelled mobile platforms.

12 27 22

Running bikes

(4 product series)
Sit-on vehicle with saddle and handlebars.

12 27 23

Unpowered scooters

(2 product series)
Stand-on vehicle with handlebars.

12 27 24

Manually powered stand-on mobility devices

(1 product series)
Devices that are propelled by the occupant using the arms and are used in a standing position only.