Assistive products for preparing food and drink

Devices for weighing, mesuring, cutting, baking and cooking. Included are, e.g. cooking units. Assistive products for handling containers, see 24 06. Grip adapters and attachments, see 24 18 06. Non-slip pads, see 24 27 06. Containers for storing objects, see 24 39.
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Assistive products for weighing and measuring to prepare food and drink

(18 product series)
Kitchen scales, diet scales, measuring spoons and cups, cooking and meat thermometers and fluid level indicators etc.

15 03 06

Assistive products for cutting, chopping and dividing to prepare food and drink

(126 product series)
Slicing machines, knives, cutting boards, cheese slicers, egg dividers, egg slicers, onion holders and graters etc.

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Assistive products for cleaning and peeling

(43 product series)
Potato brushes, potato peelers (manual and electric), potato holders and coring knives etc.

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Machines for food preparation

(3 product series)
Food mixers, food processors, manual and electric egg-beaters etc.

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Assistive products for cooking and frying

(26 product series)
Cooking dishes, frying pans, egg boilers, saucepan holders/handles, strainers, egg rings, pans, kitchen utensils etc.

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Cooking units

(2 product series)
Devices for heating food and drink. Cookers, ovens, microwave ovens and electric cooking plates etc.