Assistive products for eating and drinking

Jugs, containers, cutlery, drinking straws, mugs, glasses, plates, food guards for plates, spreadboards, eating robots etc. Assistive products for handling containers, see 24 06. Grip adapters and attachments, see 24 18 06; Non-slip pads, see 24 27 06.
15 09 03

Assistive products for serving and storing food and drink

(10 product series)
Containers from which food and drink are served and the utensils used for this action. Included are, e.g. utensils used for serving, trays, food containers, tea trolleys, heated serving dishes, vacuum flasks.

15 09 13

Cutlery, chopsticks and straws

(155 product series)
Devices used when eating, to cut food or on/in/through which food is moved from a container into a person’s mouth.

15 09 16

Mugs, glasses and cups and saucers

(108 product series)
Vessels to drink from.

15 09 18

Plates and bowls

(75 product series)
Included are, e.g. warm water plates, bowls with a cover or handgrip, serving boards.

15 09 21

Food guards

(13 product series)
Products that can be fitted to the side of a plate to provide a raised edge that prevents food from being pushed off of the plate.

15 09 24

Egg cups

(4 product series)
Small cups to hold an egg while it is eaten.

15 09 27

Feeding apparatus

(9 product series)
Powered or manual devices that enable a person to eat by bringing the food from the dish to the mouth.