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Sitting furniture

Included are, e.g. adjustable sitting furniture. Accessories for sitting furniture, see 18 10.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
18 09 03Chairs
Chairs with or without a special mechanism to assist a person to stand or sit etc.
18 09 04Stools
Seats with one or more legs without a back; may have the option of an add-on back.
18 09 07Standing chairs
Seats with one or more legs that provide support for a person remaining in a standing or near-standing position. Maximum height of more than 60 cm. With or without a back rest. With or without castors.
18 09 09Coxit chairs
Chairs with a seat which has one or two tilting sections at the front edge.
18 09 15Lounge chairs and easy chairs
Comfortable chairs for general use. Included are, e.g. lounge chairs with a special mechanism to assist a person to stand or sit.
18 09 21Special sitting furniture
Chairs that meet the specific seating requirements of a person, e.g. high chairs for children, sitting bags, floor seats.
18 09 24Chair lifts and chair transporters
Devices for transporting a chair without wheels, with or without its occupant.
18 09 39Modular seating systems
Seating systems based on a framework to which can be attached selected seat modules that can be adjusted to achieve a particular seat configuration.
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