Accessories for sitting furniture

Included are, e.g. cushions, arm support, head supports, leg supports. Wheelchair accessories, see 12 24.
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Back supports

(115 product series)
Back supports (and components of back supports) that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat, lumbar supports, back cushions, back pads etc.

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Seat cushions and underlays

(163 product series)
Cushions and other devices that are placed on a seat to correct and maintain a stable sitting position.

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Arm supports

(56 product series)
Arm rests for wheelchairs and other chairs, e.g. troughs, hemiplegia casts.

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Head supports and neck supports

(71 product series)
Head supports (and components of head supports), neck supports, neck cushions that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat etc.

18 10 15

Leg supports and foot supports

(47 product series)
Leg supports, foot supports, footplates, stump supports that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat, abductors, adductors, knee separators etc.

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Trunk supports and pelvic supports

(13 product series)
Devices that are attached to or incorporated into a chair or seat to provide support to, or to stabilize, a persons shoulders, torso, hips or pelvic region when sitting.

18 10 21

Cushions or systems added to seats to assist a person to stand or sit

(1 product series)
Seat cushions with a mechanism that can lift a person up to enable him or her to transfer from a sitting to a standing position; the mechanism may also support the descent of a person while sitting.

18 10 24

Tables that can be attached to chairs

(29 product series)
Products that can be attached to a chair (including a wheelchair) that provide a flat surface on which activities can be carried out or objects can be placed.