Safety equipment for homes and other premises

Included are equipment to prevent fall, fire, and gass leaks and equipment for evacuation. Environmental emergency alarm systems, see 22 27 21. Assistive products for health protection and safety in workplaces, see 28 24.
18 33 03

Non-slip materials for floors and stairs

(18 product series)
Surface materials which minimize the danger of slipping. Included are, e.g. non-slip mats, non-slip tiles.

18 33 10

Assistive products for the indoor environment to prevent burns and accidental fires

(7 product series)
Products that, e.g. switch off electrical current after a given time or when the temperature rises too high, or that defeat fires.

18 33 12

Rescue equipment

(3 product series)
Devices for evacuating a person from a dangerous situation.

18 33 15

Tactile materials for floors and stairs

(1 product series)
Tactile materials used inside or outside the house, which serve for orientation for, e.g. blind persons.

18 33 18

Fire-resistant floor coverings

(3 product series)
Fire-resistant carpets and coverings for floors.