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Assistive products for seeing

Included are, e.g. magnifying devices.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
22 03 03Light filters (absorption filters)
Devices for absorbing light with defined wavelengths and filtering out those which are unwanted.
22 03 06Spectacles
Devices for helping a person to focus her/his vision Included are, e.g., spectacle frames and electronic glasses.
22 03 09Magnifier glasses, lenses and lens systems for magnification
Devices for enlarging the image of an object.  Included are, e.g. lenses with and without illumination, loupe glasses (spectacles).
22 03 12Binoculars and telescopes
Devices for magnifying the image of a distant object for one or two eyes. Included are, e.g., spectacle-mounted monocular and binocular telescopes.
22 03 15Assistive products for extending and adjusting range and angle of the field of vision
Devices for broadening or changing the angle of the visual field. Included are, e.g., prismatic spectacles and recumbent spectacles.
22 03 18Image-enlarging video systems (CCTV)
Devices for displaying an enlarged image of the subject that has been captured by a video camera. Included are, e.g. cameras, control units, video monitors and digitally processed video systems.
22 03 21Screen magnification software
Software for enlarging elements in the user interface. Can contain facilities e.g. for choosing colors, focus techniques.
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