Assistive products for drawing and writing

Devices assisting a person to convey information by producing figures, symbols or written language. Training materials for developing writing skills,  05 03 09.
22 12 03

Manual devices for drawing and handwriting

(23 product series)
Ball pens, pencils, drawing compasses, straightedges and rulers, set squares etc.

22 12 09

Signature guides, stamps and writing frames

(6 product series)
Devices for assisting a person to write a signature or hand written characters in the desired position or to produce a printed signature using a stamp.

22 12 12

Manual Braille writing equipment

(6 product series)
Devices for producing embossed Braille characters on paper with a special stylus or a stick.

22 12 15


(2 product series)
Manual, electric, talking and Braille typewriters, typewriters with memory.

22 12 18

Special writing paper/plastic

(18 product series)
Materials for hard copies with special effects for tactile recognition.

22 12 21

Portable note-taking devices for Braille

(4 product series)
Included are manually and electronically operated portable note-taking devices.

22 12 24

Word processing software

(12 product series)
Software for writing, editing, organizing and storing text. Included are word prediction software and add-ins for word processors.