Assistive products for distance communication

Assistive products for telecommunication and electronic network communication. Included are products primarily used for distance communication, but with options for face-to-face communication. Assistive products for face-to-face communication, see 22 21.
22 24 03

Standard network telephones

(75 product series)
Stationary telephones with or without portable receivers.

22 24 06

Telephones for mobile networks

(81 product series)
Included are smartphones, car telephones, hands-free models, camera-equipped models.

22 24 21

Accessories for telephoning

(3 product series)
Keyboards for mobile phones, number presentation assistive products, tone indicators, dialling assistive products, receiver holders and receiver amplifiers.

22 24 24

Telecommunication and telematics software

(1 product series)
Software for verbal and visual communication between computers via the computer network. Included are Internet Protocol (IP) or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony (IP) software.

22 24 27


(5 product series)
Stand-alone electronic communication systems intended to facilitate a limited or private dialogue between two or more people in different locations.

22 24 30

Entry phones

(6 product series)
Door entry systems with integrated door openers and entry phone amplifiers.

22 24 81


(1 product series)
Teleservices being of special use to persons with disability. Included are, e.g., type talk services, sign language and interpretation services etc.

22 24 83

Computers and tablets

(29 product series)
Included are stationary and portable computers and tablets with touch screen.