Assistive products for reading

Page turners, book supports, character-reading machines, reading pens, OCR software etc. Assistive products for seeing, see 22 03.
22 30 12

Page turners

(1 product series)
Devices used for turning pages in e.g., books, newspapers and magazines.

22 30 15

Reading stands and book support cushions

(26 product series)
Reading stands, copy holders, book support cushions etc.

22 30 21

Text-to-speech devices and software

(62 product series)
Devices and software for reading aloud printed or digital text with an electronic voice. Included are reading machines, reading pens, screen readers and electronic voices.

22 30 23

OCR equipment and OCR software

(8 product series)
Scanners and software used to recognize and transform printed text into digital format. Included are pen scanners.