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Bimanual handrim-drive wheelchairs

Wheelchairs designed to be propelled and steered by the occupant, by pushing with both hands, on the wheels or on the handrims of the wheels. Included are, e.g. front-drive wheels, rear-drive wheels wheelchairs.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
12 22 03 - 08Manual wheelchairs, sideways foldable
Manual wheelchairs with a frame designed to fold side-to-side.
12 22 03 - 09Manual wheelchairs with rigid frame
Manual wheelchairs with a rigid non-foldable frame. Back rest may be folded down to the seat.
12 22 03 - 10Manual stand-up wheelchairs
Manual wheelchairs intended to raise the user to a standing position.
12 22 03 - 11Manual wheelchairs for sports and leisure
Manual wheelchairs intended activities related to sports and leisure.
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