Walking devices which can be moved by pushing or pulling, that enable a person to maintain stability and balance while walking, and have hand grips and three or more wheels. Included are, e.g. knee walkers. Walking frames, see 12 06 03. For rollators with forearm supports, see Walking tables with separated forearm supports, see 12 06 12 - 07.
12 06 06 10

Rollators with three wheels

(5 product series)
Rollators with one front wheel and two rear wheels.

12 06 06 11

Rollators with four wheels, to be pushed

(226 product series)
Rollators with four wheels, to be pushed forward.

12 06 06 12

Rollators with four wheels, to be pulled

(7 product series)
Posterior rollators with four wheels and that is pulled forward.

12 06 06 13

Push walkers for children

(1 product series)
Walkers with wheels and push handle(s). Give children support during walking.