Accessories attached to assistive products for walking to hold or carry objects

Included are, e.g. baskets, pouches, hooks, lay trays, tables, bags, holders for oxygen units, holders for umbrellas. Suspenders and fastening devices for urine collectors, see 09 27 13. Products to hold assistive products for walking in place when not in use, see 12 07 27.
12 07 24 01

Trays for rollators

(11 product series)
Trays to mount onto rollators to transport items.

12 07 24 02

Drip stands for rollators

(2 product series)
Stands to mount onto rollators for transporting e.g. infusion bags.

12 07 24 03

Oxygen cylinder holders for rollators

(2 product series)
Oxygen cylinder holders to be mounted onto rollators.

12 07 24 04

Baskets and bags for rollators and walking frames

(15 product series)
Baskets and bags to be mounted on rollators or walking frames for transporting e.g. groceries.

12 07 24 05

Cup holders and bottle holders for rollators

(3 product series)
Holders to be mounted onto rollators for transporting cups and bottles.