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Reading lights and working lights

Lights for illuminating one specific area in order to facilitate a particular activity.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
18 06 06 - 07Desk lamps
Lamps for placing on or attaching to a desk.
18 06 06 - 08Floor lamps
Lamps designed to stand on the floor.
18 06 06 - 09Folding pocket lamps
Small pocket lamps for illuminating a limited area, e.g. a dinner plate or a bingo card.
18 06 06 - 10Lamps for manuscript holders
Lamps for attaching to manuscript holders.
18 06 06 - 11Head worn lamps
Including head lamps and light glasses.
18 06 06 - 12Torches
18 06 06 - 13Other reading lights and working lights
Other lights for illuminating a specific area in order to facilitate a particular activity, e.g. sewing machine lamps, keyboard lamps and lamps for cupboards.
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