Magnifier glasses, lenses and lens systems for magnification

Devices for enlarging the image of an object. Included are, e.g. lenses with and without illumination, loupe glasses (spectacles). Screen magnification software, see 22 03 21.
22 03 09 06

Handheld magnifiers without light

(33 product series)
Magnifiers without a source of light intended to be held in the hand during use.

22 03 09 07

Handheld magnifiers with light

(45 product series)
Magnifiers with a source of light intended to be held in the hand during use.

22 03 09 08

Folding magnifiers

(21 product series)
Hand-held magnifiers with a mounted cover into which the magnifier is folded when not in use.

22 03 09 09

Dome and bar magnifiers

(43 product series)
Magnifiers designed to rest directly on the page or sheet of paper.

22 03 09 10

Magnifiers with a stand

(35 product series)
Magnifiers with an integral free standing frame or supports providing a fixed or adjustable space between object and lense.

22 03 09 11

Magnifying lights

(41 product series)
Non-portable lamps with an integral magnifier.

22 03 09 12

Clip-on magnifiers

(4 product series)
Magnifiers intended to be mounted onto lamps. Included are only clip-on magnifiers intended for use with multiple product series.

22 03 09 13

Hands-free magnifiers with neck cord

(8 product series)
Magnifiers held in position by hanging from a cord around the neck and resting on the chest.

22 03 09 14

Head worn magnifiers and magnifying spectacles

(32 product series)
Magnifiers worn on the head. Included are e.g. spectacles with magnifying spectacle lenses and magnifiers for mounting onto spectacles.

22 03 09 15

Sheet magnifiers

(5 product series)
Thin magnifiers shaped as a sheet. Makes use of the Fresnel lense principal i.e. with many very narrow concentric ring-shaped lenses, such that the combination acts as a single lens but is much thinner.

22 03 09 17

Handles with light for bar magnifiers and magnifiers with a stand

(3 product series)
Separate handles with a source of light and that can be joined with a variation of magnifier heads.