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Ambutechfront tip to mobilitycane

Ambutechfront tip to mobilitycane

Supplier Butik KIK
2630 Taastrup

Classification 12 39 03 - 09
Tips for tactile sticks

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Ambutech, front roller tip (wheel) for carbon alu/fibre canes

Free wheeling tip

HMI-no. 71196 
Article-no. 71196 
Registration date 06-03-2012 
Last updated 25-04-2017 

Intended for children No info
Products for children must comply with the specific demands for safety as stated in certain standards. It is the supplier of the product who has stated that the product is intended for children. The National Board of Social Services holds no responsibility in relation to this assessment.
Roller tip Yes