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Low Speed Outdoor Elevator - AluLet LSCO

AluLet LSCO (Low Speed Cabin Outdoor) is our elevator designed for external installation. The elevatorlift sets itself apart from our outdoor elevator on the price, it is less costly to install, and requires fewer adjustments to the surroundings as it doesnt have to abide by the same thick and top height requirements.

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LSCO AluLet Elevator (Low Speed Cabin Outdoor)

Our outdoor elevatorlift, like our other products can be supplied in many different sizes, and with a variety of customization options. If you want a glass cabin and shaft, it is no problem we produce in double laminated safety glass, or if you want a specific color it can also be arranged.


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Length/depth 1615 cm 
Lifting height, max 2000 cm 
Load, max 325 kg 
Elevator cage width 1415 cm 
Door width 900 cm