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Sabina Stålift II

Sabina Stålift II

Supplier A.P. Botved A/S
2730 Herlev

Classification 12 36 04 - 01
Mobile hoists for transferring a person in standing position

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Sabina Stålift II EE

HMI-no. 35077 
Article-no. 2020003 
Registration date 30-06-2003 
Last updated 03-11-2017 

User weight, max 200kg 
Lifting height, max 172cm 
Electrical lifting mechanism Yes 
Electrical width adjustment of base Yes 
Parallel width adjustment of base No 
Internal width of base, max 90cm 
External width of base, min 105cm 
Height of base at front 11cm 
Turning diameter 118cm 
Leg support adjustable in height Yes 
Leg support horizontal adjustable Yes 
Leg support adjustable without tools Yes 
Split leg support No 
Foldable No 
Can be disassembled without tools Yes 
Weight of heaviest main part 19kg 
Integrated battery charger Yes 
Emergency lowering function Yes 
Ingress protection class for water 3IP-klasse info
0-9 (IPX0-IPX9) according to the standard for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529)
Maintenance frequency 12måneder 
Unit for use with sling(s) available Yes 

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