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CareLine Lalandia 165

12 36 03 04 - Mobile hoists for transferring a person in sitting position with sling seats

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CareLine Lalandia 165


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User weight, max 165 kg 
Hoisting range 162 cm info
The difference between the maximum and minimum heights measured at the central suspension point.
Electrical lifting mechanism Yes  
Parallel lifting movement Yes  
Electrical width adjustment of base No  
Parallel width adjustment of base No  
Internal width of base, max 100 cm info
Measured with the base in the widest position
External width of base, min 63 cm info
Measured with the base in the narrowest postion
Height of base at front 13 cm 
Turning diameter 123 cm info
Diameter of the narrowest circle encompassing the extreme points of the hoist, when it is turned 360 degrees without beeing reversed.
Foldable No  
Can be disassembled without tools Yes  
Weight of heaviest main part 21 kg 
Can lift from floor level Yes  
Standing mobile hoist unit available No  
Integrated battery charger Yes  
Emergency lowering function Yes  
Ingress protection class for water 5 IP-klasse info
0-9 (IPX0-IPX9) according to the standard for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529)
Maintenance frequency 12 måneder 

Test information 
EN ISO 10535:1998: Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons - Requirements and test methods.
Test lab: Hjælpemiddelinstitutet. Test date: 16-08-2000