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HEWI Support rail - 300mm (950-seris)

HEWI Support rail - 300mm (950-seris)

Supplier Cassøe a/s
7400 Herning

Classification 18 18 06 - 03
Handgrips, fixed, straight

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
HEWI Support rail - 300mm

HMI-no. 69944 
Article-no. 950.36.10090 
Registration date 16-12-2011 
Last updated 09-11-2015 

Load, max 150kg 
Diameter of grip 3.3cm 
Length 30cm info
The length is the distance between the two mounting points.
Depth 9cm info
The depth is the distance from the wall to the inside of the hand grip.