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Powerful task light with LED light sources providing a cool, daylight-like colour temperature, improving contrast and reducing eye strain. The large lamp head distributes the emitted light across a large area, reducing glare. Recommended for users who are bothered by glare, yet need an intense light for working.

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Robustly built desk lamp in the Luxo style, with plenty of light (3800 lux at 12 distance) from LED light sources, dimmable to 30 and 50 of the full light flux. 44 long arm, and 25 wide lamp head. Light colour temperature 5500-6500K.


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Integrated bulp Yes  
Heat neutral Yes  
With dimmer Yes  
Colour temperature, integrated bulp 6000 Kelvin 
Adjustable colourtemperature No  
Anti-dazzle No  
Is able to hold attachable magnifier Yes