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Doorstep ramps

18 24 12 04 - Threshold ramps, double-sided

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Doorstep ramps


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Outdoor use Yes  
Indoor use Yes  
Length in direction of travel 40 cm 
Width 25 cm 
Threshold height, min 30 mm info
The minimal height of threshold that the ramp can be used with
Threshold height, max 70 mm info
The maximum height of threshold that the ramp is intended for
Weight 2.16 kg 
Load, max 350 kg 

Test information info
Though the product is testet, it might not have passed all requirements in the standard. Besides, some products are only tested according to parts of the standard. Read the test report for detailed information.
EN 12182:2012: Assistive products for persons with disability - General requirements and test methods.
Test lab: Warszawa, Polen . Test date: 12-01-2016