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OPUS 5 CARE - Care bed

Intelligent Care Bed for greater self-reliance and a better working environment. 4-sectioned ergonomic mattress support platform with retrograde back regulation. 5-10 degrees lateral tilt to both sides for easy and gentle rearrangement, transfers and care. Exit from the foot end. Pre-programmed sitting and resting positions. Various accessories.

18 12 10 38 - Beds with ingress and egress function
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18 12 10 34 - Lateral tilt beds and stand up beds

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Ingress protection class for water 6 IP-klasse info
0-9 (IPX0-IPX9) according to the standard for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529)
Number of sections of mattress support platform, transversely 4  
Intended for children No  info
Products for children must comply with the specific demands for safety as stated in certain standards. It is the supplier of the product who has stated that the product is intended for children. The National Board of Social Services holds no responsibility in relation to this assessment.
Built-in bed extension No  
Intended for use in hospitals No  
Intended for use in nursing institutions Yes  info
Intended for long-term care in a medical area where medical supervision is required and monitoring is provided if necessary, e.g. nursing homes and rehabilitation and geriatic facilities.
Intended for use in a domestic area Yes  
Central braking system Yes  
Back rest section, electrical adjustment Yes  
Leg section, electrical adjustment Yes  
Upper leg section, electrical adjustment Yes  
Height adjustment, electrical Yes  
Separate adjustment of back rest Yes  info
Indicates whether the back rest can be adjusted independently of other parts of the mattress support platform
Combined adjustment of mattress support platform Yes  info
Indicates whether back rest and knee bending are adjusted at the same time
Removable bed-rails No  
Removable self-lifting rail No  
Removable foot board Yes  
Removable head board Yes  
Adjustable head support section No  
Trendelenburg, manual operation No  
Trendelenburg, electrical operation No  
Anti-trendelenburg, manual operation No  
Anti-trendelenburg, electrical operation Yes  
Outside measure length 230 cm 
Outside measure width 101 cm 
Mattress size, length 210 cm 
Mattress size, width 85 cm 
Load, max 250 kg info
Maximum external load on the product that is permitted in normal use
User weight, max 185 kg 
Weight of heaviest main part 158 kg info
Weight without parts that are detachable without the use of tools
Mattress support platform, height above floor, min 40 cm info
Measured without mattress
Mattress support platform, height above floor, max 83 cm info
Measured without mattress
Internal length 221 cm info
Measured from the inside of one end panel to the inside of the other end panel
Under bed clearance 15 cm info
Minimum under bed clearance in the 100 cm middle area measured from the floor with the mattress support platform 40 cm above the floor or - if the bed cannot achieve this position - then measured in the lowest position of the mattress support platform
Wheel diameter 15 cm