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Stairlift HandiLet HC250P

HYDRO-CON stair lift HandiLet HC250P, both manual and auto versions. Inside is in powdercoated version and for outside in galvanized.
For straight staircases. Type approved. Produced for the Danish climate, placed just as well outside as inside. Minimal maintenance. Quality lift.

Supplier HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S
3250 Gilleleje

Classification 18 30 11 - 01
Stairlifts with platform

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Stairlift HandiLet HC250P

HMI-no. 103871 
Article-no. HC250P 
Registration date 12-02-2017 
Last updated 16-10-2019 

Load, max 300kg 
Depth raised 225cm 
Winding No 
Straight staircase Yes 
Width of truck body 85cm 
Depht of truck body 100cm 

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Stairlift HandiLet HC250P