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Platinum Horizon Ligeløbs stolelift

Platinum Horizon is for stairslift for straight staircases, the chairlift is easy to mount and has a simple operation. The chairlift comes in 2 models, standard and a Plus model. Plus model has adjustable seat, which is convenient in some cases.

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Platinum Horizon Straight Stairlift

Specification .:
Seat depth 415mm (Plus seat 454mm)
Seat Width 430mm (Plus seat 455-555mm)
Total Width 635mm (Plus 635mm)
Seat height 460mm (Plus seat 465/485 / 505mm)
Parking b. 340mm (Plus seat 340mm)
Capacity 120kg (Plus seat 140kg)


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User weight, max 140kg 
Seat width 55.5cm 
Seat depth 45.4cm 
Depth raised 34.0cm 
Winding No 
Straight staircase Yes