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PowerTel 2700

Wireless amplifier with telescope and large keys with light in. 40 dB volume and 90 dB ringtone make it user-friendly for anyone with hearing impairment and vision. Flash on call. Power adapter and phone cord included.
Possible to purchase an additional handset.

Supplier Scantone A/S
4360 Kr. Eskilstrup

Classification 22 24 03 - 07
Standard network telephones with portable receiver

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
PowetTel 2700

HMI-no. 109713 
Article-no. 9137 PT2700 
Registration date 16-05-2018 
Last updated 06-12-2018 

Test information 
EN 12182:2012: Assistive products for persons with disability - General requirements and test methods.
Test lab: Kontakt Scantone for info. Test date: 16-05-2018

Large keys Yes 
Large display Yes 
Calling number display Yes 
Built-in teleloop Yes 
Ring indicator light Yes 
Silent alert (vibration) No 
Headset connection possible Yes 
Ring tone, max 90db 
Receiver tone, max 40db 
Built-in emergency call No 
Range indoor 50
Range outdoor 300
Max talk time per charge 10timer