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Anita Care Lisa

Anita Care Lisa
Anita Care Bra Lisa without hanger and with pockets on both sides. Jaquard patterned fabric with a soft microfer fleece that is particularly breathable - ensures wonderful comfort and gives one
ALWAYS dry feeling on the skin - the bones absorb automatically and completely naturally moisturize.

Supplier Boisen
8900 Randers C

Classification 09 03 24 - 03

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Anita Care, Lisa

Cup: AA-D
Colour: Champagne, Grey, White

HMI-no. 116466 
Article-no. 5726 
Registration date 07-06-2019 
Last updated 07-06-2019 

For breast prostesis Yes 
Front-closed No