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SmartReader HD

Text-to-speech device for use both as a stand-alone device, and in conjunction with an external tv screen or monitor, and thus work as a magnifying device/CCTV. Reads aloud in both Danish and a range of other languages. Stores, imports and exports text documents and pictures. Doubles as a CCTV with an external monitor connected through HDMI cable.

Supplier Lysoglup ApS
2610 Rødovre

Classification 22 30 21 - 04
Character-reading machines

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
SmartReader HD

HMI-no. 118742 
Article-no. SRHE1A 
Registration date 26-07-2019 
Last updated 07-08-2019 

Included languages dansk og engelsk 
More languages can be added Yes 
Weight 1800
Hand held No 
Read out loud function Yes 
Connection to external screen Yes 
Braille display can be connected No 
Memory Yes info
Information can be stored on the device.
Battery Yes 
Built-in loudspeaker Yes 
Earphone/headphone jack Yes 
Wireless data transfer to computer No 

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