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Etac Swift Mobil 24-2

Etac Swift Mobil 24 -2 with drive wheels has good features and adjustable options. Despite the width of the armrests, the chair is widest at the wheel bracket, which reduces the risk of user injury.

Supplier Etac A/S
8700 Horsens

Classification 09 12 03 - 24
Commode wheelchairs

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Etac Swift Mobil 24-2

HMI-no. 118818 
Article-no. 80229464 
Registration date 07-08-2019 
Last updated 15-10-2019 

User weight, max 160kg 
Total weight 25.1kg 
Total width 50cm 
Width between arm supports 54cm 
Seat height, min 45cm 
Seat height, max 60cm 
Can be placed over a toilet with max heigth 42cm 
Seat depth 46.5cm 
Toilet opening width 21cm 
Tension adjustable back rest upholstery Yes 
Arms supports hinged Yes 
Arm supports pivoting No 
Arm support position may be changed to facililtate transfer Yes 
Fold-up foot supports Yes 
Height adjustable legrests Yes 
Elevating legrests No 
Removable legrests Yes 
Pivoting legrests No 
Legrest position may be changed to facililtate hygiene and transfer Yes 
Can be used with standard wall-mounted toilets (without extension) Yes 
Intended for children No info
Products for children must comply with the specific demands for safety as stated in certain standards. It is the supplier of the product who has stated that the product is intended for children. The National Board of Social Services holds no responsibility in relation to this assessment.