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Pure & Clean

Pure & Clean
ActivePure is the only cleaning technology that is exclusively recognized globally and is Space Technology certified.
Thoroughly tested at university laboratories and is proven effective
For homeowners, office environments, medical facilities, nursing homes, schools or any other place where the quality of the air in enclosed spaces matters.

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Pure & Clean Aircleaner

Technical specifications
Space Technology Certificate, used by NASA on the International Space Station
Power consumption max 43 watts.
Noise level
45-55 dB
Dimensions & Weight
Height: 29.8 cm.
Width: 24.1 cm.
Depth: 25.4 cm.
Weight: 3.45 kg.
Pure & Clean covers:
Up to 42 m2 - HEPA filter coverage
Up to 185 m2- ActivePure coverage


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Test lab: Dansk Teknologisk Institut. Test date: 06-10-2020 Test report for HMI-no. 128967

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - 2014/30/EU
Low voltage (LVD) - 2014/35/EU