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Prisma - Stabil Plus

Prisma - Stabil Plus
Extra stable wrist bandage with malleable bars volart. 2 removable spiral springs located dorsally. Adjustable thumb grip. Ulnar rail pocket which allows for extra support. 2 plastic rails included for less rigid support. Lace closure for easy installation Stable and durable material: Colour Black length 18 cm size XS-XXL

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Prisma - Stabil Plus

material: Stable Plus: material with padded inside. Made of cotton, polyester and acrylic (latex free). Size Circumference around the wrist xx-small 10 - 12 cm x- small 12 - 14 cm Small 14 - 16 cm Medium 16 - 18 cm Large 18 - 20 cm X-Large 20 - 22 cm XX-Large 22 - 24 cm
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With action on the wrist
With action on the base of the thumb
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