Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.
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ThevoCalm matress system is optimally tailored to the sleep and lying needs of persons with Parkinson. The mattress has a firm density foam that provides a secure feeling when lying. It has wing suspensions that adapt individually to the body zones. Micro-Stimulation improves body perception.
Result: improved sleep and more energy in the daytime.

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Kørestolsbord 2014

Table tray made in plexis incl mounting brackets for Rea wheelchairs. Additional soft dartex cover

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Heads up

Innovative anterior, posterior, and lateral support for the head and neck

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The Kids Chair

The high chair is made of beautiful birch veneer with brass fittings, of eco-friendly materials.
The high chair is ergonomically designed and provides two functions in one as it can be transformed into a small play chair with a table. The crossbar can be easily moved so the chair can grow with the child. From the age of 6 months to approx. 3 years

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Trone Chair with ottoman

Trone Denmark Rocking chair with glider function and lock. Testet in Denmark on a nursery caring home for alzheimers patients.

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A series of smart lighting solutions offering the users illumination when needed with automatic on and off function from motion sensor and timer function.
The series is developed to help generate lighting in situations where the switch is not in near site or full room light is not wanted
Get out of bed with light immediately for safe movements

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